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Elephant Corridor Appeal
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WLT and WTI's conservation work in India aims to safeguard a network of forest corridors that will enable Indian Elephants and other animals, such as tigers, to move safely between protected areas, avoiding human-wildlife conflict and protecting continuous critical wildlife habitat.
Ensuring the survival of ‘flagship’ species like elephants and tigers requires the protection of the entire habitat, which means that the corridors will also benefit other wildlife.


Borneo Land Acquisition
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Borneo's Orang-utans are losing their habitat at an alarming rate but strongholds remain and must be protected.

With the funds raised WLT will be able to help create the Keruak Corridor, which will link Keruak Forest Reserve with one part of Lower
Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (LKWS). The corridor is being created in partnership with WLT’s partner NGO in Malaysia, Hutan.


Action Fund
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Donations to the Action Fund allows WLT the flexibility to direct money where it is most urgently needed, enabling us to react to the changing circumstances faced by partners. Donations are allocated to any one of our conservation projects across the world.


Buy an Acre Fund
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Your donation will fund the purchase of critically threatened tropical forest and other vital habitats for around £100 an acre. Currently Buy an Acre donations are buying land in Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico and your donation will be used where the need is greatest.


Mexico Land Acquisition
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One of our Buy an Acre projects. Your donations will save one of the diverse range of forest habitats in Mexico, creating reserves for wildlife including Jaguar, Puma, Margay and Ocelot.


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