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World Land Trust - T-Shirt: Extra Large
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White T-shirt with Green Logo on the front and reverse
Produced in collaboration with ethical clothing brand THTC

Size: Extra Large (Width: 57cm, Length: 77.5cm)

T-shirts are available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

£15 +£3 postage

£15.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)

In Stock

Edward's pheasant VNCC tee XXL
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With no records in the wild since 2000, the Edwards’s Pheasant (Lophura edwardsii) is thought to be on the brink of extinction. It’s salvation could lay in the hands of captive specimens and the availability of suitable habitat to release them into. Khe Nuoc Trong, in the Annamite mountains of North-Central Vietnam could be one such site.

WLT has been working with Vietnamese NGO, Viet Nature Conservation Centre (VNCC) since 2013 to protect Khe Nuoc Trong. VNCC have since launched an awareness raising campaign of the plight of the Edward’s Pheasant and are developing plans for its release back into the wild.

Sales of the t-shirt will support VNCC’s campaign and to raise awareness of the Edwards’s Pheasant in the UK.

*Please note, the t-shirts run small.*

£10.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)

Stock running low

Too Early For Breakfast
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Limited Edition Print 3/75
Size 47cm x 40cm
Including mount

£50.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)

Stock running low

Brown Hare by Nick Day
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Artists proof print (16/150)
Print size 25cm x 23.5cm
Including mount 37cm x 38cm

£115.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)

Stock running low

Small Heath Butterfly by Nick Day
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Artist's proof print (7/7)
Print size 20cm x 17cm
Including mount 32cm x 31.5cm

£85.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)

Stock running low

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